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About us

The future
of gesture control

Today, all types of work processes increasingly utilize tablets, smartphones and smartglasses. While we can operate these devices easily in the comfort of our home, operating while working is often unsatisfying. Professionals and technicians need to concentrate on their work and are constantly interrupted because they need to operate these devices. They become frustrated and digitization leads to less instead of more efficient processes.

Adding new technology to existing processes should be seamless, ideally hands-free. To enable that, we offer our gesture control solution which fulfills these requirements and makes common processes significantly easier and faster. Say goodbye to keyboard, mouse, touch screen or paper checklists. With our unique gesture control we’re giving impulses and provide answers for fields such as digitization, future of work, workplace ergonomics and reduced or totally paper-free workflows.

Our solution

The Kinemic Band

With Kinemic Band we’re bringing gesture control to the industrial reality. Free yourself from keyboard and touchscreen! With our robust and dependable gesture control we’re giving you the necessary tool. Control your smartphone, tablet, PC or smartglass just with a little swipe in the air! But why limit yourself? Of course you can control all other digital devices, from drones to TVs and robots as well. We’ve developed the best gesture interaction system to make your processes easier and your work experience more comfortable.

Discover the

Save time

With less interruptions in your workflow you complete tasks faster, more efficiently and with more comfort.

Eliminate wasteful movements

Going back and forth to enter data? These times are over. Avoid additional trips to interact with terminals.

Usable in all conditions

In the clean room, outdoors or in a steel plant – our gesture control solution works everywhere. Because we’re using a wearable to detect the movements, we’re completely independent from e.g. noise and lighting.

Gloves and tools? Sure!

Keep your gloves on and don’t set your tools down! In Winter, your hands stay cosy warm and even dirty or greasy hands are no problem.

Perfect for Smartglasses and AR-glasses

Realize the potential of a completely handsfree interaction and improve the usefulness of your smartglass implementation.



12 gestures are available out-of-the-box. This includes a range of simple confirmation and navigation gestures, which already provide sufficient functionality for a broad range of tasks and use cases.


Use AirMouse to track the movement of a users’ wrist directly. This lets you utilize a users movement to operate user interface elements.
It’s like a mouse, just minus the mouse (hence, AirMouse).

Product details

Works with:

Windows 10 | Android | Linux | iOS (Beta) | macOS (Beta) | Unity (Beta)

12 Gestures & AirMouse immediately usable

long battery run time

Charge with Mini USB

Kinemic Band is made from skin-friendly silicone

replaceable and changeable sensor

Software tailored to the hardware

Use cases

Optimized processes

Whether in maintenance, quality assurance or assembly: The Kinemic Band makes it possible to optimize processes in a wide variety of sectors. Make your workflows better than ever before.

Want to control existing software?

With our Kinemic Remote application you can upgrade existing processes and 3rd party software to use gesture control.
No coding required.

Developing your own software?

With Kinemic’s Gesture SDK you can easily integrate gesture control in your app.
It’s so easy, we’ve had customers do it in less than 10 minutes.

Customer successes

Shaking hands to go handsfree

Kinemic launched the Kinemic Band in Q3/2018 and could win major customers shortly after. With our unique, industry-proven gesture control we present an innovative solution for the future of human-computer interaction. Together with our customers and partners we could already improve many processes.

Convinced or something’s unclear?

Visit our shop or get in contact with us. 
We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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