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    The future of gesture interaction

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The future of gesture interaction

Kinemic develops and sells systems for new types of human computer interaction, enabling handsfree input and gesture control. Together with our customers and partners we're seeing incredible results. We give answers and input in fields such as digitization, future of work, ergonomics and paper-free processes.

With Kinemic Band we're bringing gesture control to the industrial reality. Functional. Practical. Easy. With our smart software -perfectly tuned to the hardware- this becomes possible.

Free yourself from keyboard and touchscreen! With our robust and dependable gesture control we're giving you the necessary tool. Control your smartphone, tablet, PC or smartglass just with a little swipe in the air! But why limit yourself? Of course you can control all other digital devices, from drones to TVs and robots as well.

Our trick: Thanks to our expertly developed algorithms you can just move your hand like you always do. But if you DO make a gesture, our machine learning-based system will pick it out of all the other movements.

Kinemic wins STEP Award

Kinemic won the special prize in the field of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0  for its Kinemic Band Wearable.

Gesture control advantages


Save time

With less interruptions you complete tasks faster 

Eliminate unnecessary movements

Going back and forth to enter data? These times are over.

Usable in all conditions

In the clean room, outdoors or in a steel plant - our gesture control solution works everywhere. Because we're using a wearable to detect the movements, we're completely independent from e.g. noise and lighting.

Gloves and tools? Sure!

Keep your gloves on and don't set your tools down! In Winter, your hands stay cosy warm and even dirty or greasy hands are no problem.

Easy & intuitive

We've taken great care to develop the best gesture control system which works with any person right out of  the box. The system does not have to be adapted to individual users. To make learning the gestures fun and simple we provide an interactive training app.

Perfect for smartglasses and AR-glasses

Realize the potential of a completely handsfree interaction and improve the usefulness of your smartglass implementation.


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