Gesture control with the Kinemic Band

Operate devices intuitively.
Avoid unnecessary ways.
Save time.

The Future of gesture interaction

Kinemic develops and sells systems for new types of human computer interaction, enabling handsfree input and gesture control. Together with our customers and partners we're seeing incredible results. We give answers and input in fields such as digitization, future of work, ergonomics and paper-free processes.

Our solution

With Kinemic Band we're bringing gesture control to the industrial reality. Functional. Practical. Easy. Free yourself from keyboard and touchscreen! With our robust and dependable gesture control we're giving you the necessary tool. Control your smartphone, tablet, PC or smartglass just with a little swipe in the air! But why limit yourself? Of course you can control all other digital devices, from drones to TVs and robots as well.

Avoid unnecessary ways.
Operate intuitively.
Save time.

with the

Kinemic Band

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    Handsfree maintenance at Deutsche Bahn

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    Bitnamic simplifies worldwide collaboration

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    Elabo makes work tables even easier to use

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    Zeppelin integrates handsfree control

Improve your individual process

Bring gesture control and handsfree input to your shop floor. Make your processes more comfortable and efficient by reducing travel distances and avoiding interruptions!

Our shop floor package includes everything to get started right away - even better: We'll come over, discuss your process and set everything up so it works optimally!

12 Gestures and AirMouse

Supports Windows 10®

Supports Multi-Band

No additional coding


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