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Gesture control with the Kinemic Band


About Kinemic

Kinemic is a spin-off from the renowned Karlsruhe Institute for Technology (KIT) and exists to improve the interaction with digital devices. We develop software for gesture control and handsfree interaction using wearables. 

Kinemic was founded in 2016 and quickly won many well-known customers and prices. We’re looking forward to continuing our success story with our customers, partners and employees!

Offers and


Kinemic Band: With Kinemic Band we’re offering the first industrially usable gesture control solution. With it’s specialized functions, design and support solutions, Kinemic Band has been created to satisfy the high demands of industrial users.


Software integration: We support our customers and partners when integrating our software in their existing processes and facilities.

Interaction design: Due to our extensive work in this field we’re renowned specialists for the conception of user interfaces.

Prototyping and custom development:
– gesture control systems
– smart glass use cases
– integration of wearables
– handsfree interaction.


We‘re currently 9 people located in Karlsruhe, mostly computer scientists and engineers. We were awarded many national and international prices for our groundbreaking technology.

Vision und Mission

It’s our vision to make gesture control so simple and intuitive that people will want to use it everyday. We believe this is possible using wrist-worn devices.

Thus we have derived the first step of our mission: To create our own, robust and functional gesture control solution which covers all imporant aspects of human-machine interaction.

It’s our plan to extend this first building block with additional components step-by-step. To enable this plan, we’re continuously researching new technologies and concepts.


This is important to us:
→ Respectful attitude towards humans and nature
→ Sustainable and ressource-saving economic activities
→ Transparent and honest behaviour


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