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  • Gesture control using Kinemic Band

    Assembly Instructions

Going step by step

Assembly assistance apps and Manufacturing-Execution-Systems can be controlled easily and intuitively with Kinemic’s gesture control. Use simple gestures to navigate instructions and make previously complex interactions – like rotating 3D-models – easier.
With Kinemic Band you can:

✓ move and zoom in maps, plans and diagrams
✓ execute simple or complex, combined tasks with just one gesture

✓ enter comments and annotations
✓ rotate, zoom and manipulate 3D-models

✓ display and navigate PDFs
✓ input numbers and values handsfree 

No need to drop tools

Kinemic Band enables seamless input, meaning that you can keep working and don’t need to put everything away just to enter some data or confirmation.

Done faster

With Kinemic Band you’ll have less hand travel and fewer interruptions – fully concentrate on the task at hand!

Easy to retrofit

For many existing software applications, it’s really easy to upgrade the input to Kinemic’s gesture control!

Kinemic in the field

Gesture control for Elabo’s measuring and test work table

Elabo uses Kinemic’s gesture control to improve the usability of their professional work tables. The gesture control components are integrated directly into Elabo’s Elution software.

With Kinemic’s gesture control solution, Elabo emphasizes their claim of offering complete Industry 4.0-solutions and of being a major innovator among electrical engineering companies.

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