• Acoustic events

    Acoustic events

There’s a lot of useful data to be gained from normal, hearable sound and infra sound, as well as from vibration. In this manner, totally normal “noise” hides very surprising information. We help you uncover these secrets and make acoustic data useful for your next innovation!

Our significant expertise enables us to deliver optimal solutions for your challenges. We use modern approaches for signal processing, hardware development and AI / machine learning. In various projects we have already covered a wide spectrum of applications and can thus surely find the ideal strategy for solving your problem.

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Acoustic events

Event detection in
audio data

We’re specialized in finding meaningful events and signals in audio and vibration data.

Acoustic events

project partner

Our deep expertise and project experience lets you finish projects on time and on budget.

Acoustic events

Tailored to your data
and environment

Kinemic develops individual systems, that work with your data on your premises. Of course, we can built cloud-enabled systems, too.

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Cross-section of a transmission

Source: https://commons.wikimedia.org

Test transmissions better

Im Kundenauftrag entwickeln wir ein KI-System zur automatisierten Detektion von Getriebefehlern. So können fehlerhafte Getriebe lange vor dem Einbau erkannt und die Fehler behoben werden. Marktgängige Lösungen sind Faktor 2-3x teurer.

Angefangen bei der Datenerfassung, der Datenhaltung und Einbindung des Systems in die IT-Architektur vor Ort bis zur Umsetzung des fertigen Systems wird hier die gesamte Entwicklung durch Kinemic übernommen.


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