• Movement data

    Movement data

Always moving

With movements, our thoughts and plans become form and action – whether on the job, during sports or in our free time. For this reason, movement data is one of the key sources when you want to understand human actions. Its analysis and the understanding of causes and effects thus gained are extremely interesting.

Coming from the results we made in the development of our award winning Kinemic Band wearable motion controller, we extended our know how in this field. Now, we can use diverse sensor types to build highly efficient systems tat better understand movement data and make it useful for specific applications and innovations. We’re offering the following services:

  • Data acquisition and storage, especially concerning person-related data. This is a highly sensitive topic due to the many new privacy laws and their possible applicability to the type of data most often collected.
  • Extraction and recognition of relevant features, sequences and events. This is often somewhat challenging, as movements don’t start and stop in the ways that machines do, with a clear beginning and end.
  • Integration into complete systems, additionally with cloud-compatibility (e.g. via docker). There are significant challenges and differences in architecture when you want to deploy and scale your system, as compared to having it run in isolated instances.

Human and machine

We understand movement data to include vibrations, shaking and similar things. Their characteristics are often vital to understand machine performance, part wear, errors or process efficiency.

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Movement data

Kinemic Band

Using our Kinemic Band we can detect arm, hand and foot movements and use these for evaluations.

Movement data



We integrate external or custom hardware to get optimal results

Movement data


Kinemic entwickelt maßgeschneiderte Systeme, die mit ihren Daten und On-Premise funktionieren!

Customer projects


Der Stabilo DigiPen.

Digitale Schrift

Einfach normal auf Papier schreiben und alles auch gleich als digitalen Text vorliegen haben? Das ist die Vision hinter dem Projekt, das wir gemeinsam mit der Stabilo International GmbH umgesetzt haben.

Stabilo hat dabei eine eigens entwickelte Hardware bereitgestellt, mit deren Sensorik feinste Informationen während des Schreibens erfasst werden. Aufbauend auf diesen Bewegungsdaten haben wir ein System entwickelt mit dem dann aus der Schreibschrift digitaler Text wird.


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