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Service from A to Z

From idea to complete executable: we deliver integrated, performant and cost-efficient applications which solve your challenges. Whether to add additional know-how to your teams or as provider for the complete solution: Kinemic covers the whole range of services from conceptualization to architecture, from implementation to service and support!

Whatever your challenge – graphical user interface, integartion of an AI model into your applications or integration with your on-site IT – we have your back. We develop professional software that solves your problems! We also stand ready to extend, update and support our software, so that you and your users can always work at peak efficiency!

Over the years we have built up extensive experience in countless customer projects which now guides our actions and processes. For you, this translates to better project management and higher satisfaction when working with us.

Where we excel

We can quickly implement solutions on all major platforms, even cross-platform. Using browser-based applications and interfaces we can flexibly react to changing conditions – e.g. new devices and formats.

We place a special focus on:

  • optimally designed user interfaces, so that applications are easy to learn and use, making them more enjoyable.
  • If desired, we integrate our gesture control wearable Kinemic Band.
  • Integration of additional input and output modalitites:
    • Cameras,
    • Barcode scanners,
    • Smartwatches,
    • Smartglasses / head mounted displays etc.
  • Deployment of and data management for AI projects is also an area that’s steadily growing in importance.

    Working together

    We like working in agile environments, together with our customers. We can recommend this type of co-operation as we’ve had good experiences regarding satisfaction, efficiency and realized costs. However, we can also adapt to your processes! For us, it’s vital to have good communications, then everything else follows!

    Especially for larger projects we heartily recommend to define responsibilities and crossover points to enable better, more acurate planning and a smoother workflow. In addition, we’re always glad to have a look at the concerned processes and work out target states and optimal solutions together.

    We’re working to the highest standards regarding code quality and software architecture. This means, that our applications are flexible, easily maintainable and future-proof, so that you can adapt or extend the applications when requirements change down the line.



    Kinemic develops customized systems, that work with your data on your premises – or in your cloud!

    project partner

    Our deep expertise and project experience helps you implement solutions quickly and cost-efficiently.

    Turn-key solution
    or individual task

    We support you in all aspects and for all project scopes.

    Completed projects

    Trumpf Absortierassistent im Einsatz

    Bild: Trumpf Group

    Front end for assistance system

    We’ve developed the graphic user interface for the Trumpf SortingGuide in close co-operation with TRUMPF Werkzeugmaschinen. See the product in action in this product video.

    Jens Ottnad, R+D Head Data & AI at TRUMPF:

    “The co-operation couldn’t have been better.
    Kinemic developed the Trumpf SortingGuide Client and the whole user interface and together we were constantly looking for the best solutions. It has been a complex challenge to create a smart user experience for this AI-enabled assistance system – but Kinemic was up to the task. With some topics we were not even aware that they might be problematic but thankfully Kinemic was looking out for us and was right on hand with very good ideas to remedy the issues!
    Currently, we’re already working on the next project in our advanced product development division and have additionally launched a joint research project. “

    App-based maintenance

    For German energy and manufacturing juggernaut Siemens, Kinemic has developed a mobile app to simplify their maintenance, inspection and training. Check lists, various user roles, automatic reports and integrated courses and training materials are all available in the app. The content can be accessed with a range of controls, such as touch, gestures and voice control and on tablets as well as smart glasses.

    In a joint session, user stories were developed and from there Kinemic undertook the further concept building and implementation, all while keeping in close contact with project supervisors. The application will be rolled out to additional lines and plants.

    Says Batuhan Acar, Project lead at Siemens:

    “Co-operation with Kinemic is straightforward and easy-going. All tasks were always done on time, sparing me the need to even track schedules. Time and again it’s a delight to implement new projects together. On top of all this, work was always on budget and we had quick reactions to any inquiries. In short: It’s always a pleasure!

    Siemens Industriepark in Karlsruhe.

    Instandhaltung bei der Deutschen Bahn

    Error diagnosis “on a rail”

    For German railway infrastructure operator “DB Netz” we’ve created an application to aid its employees with pinpointing and discerning errors. With the application, employees can work methodically through pre-defined “error trees” and get their systems operational again.

    Usable on smart phones and smart glassess, the app allows employes to seamlessly transfer betweeen devices, making their everyday work much easier.


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