• NFC Reader

    Kinemic Band NFC

    Contactless Connection

Simple and fast Connection –

Now with NFC

With Kinemic Band NFC you can connect your Kinemic Band to a digital device even easier, faster and completely handsfree.

No need to touch your device anymore! Just put your hand close to the NFC reader or NFC-enabled device and you’re ready to go.

Save time by getting rid of those unnecessary clicks with the Kinemic Band NFC! Use Kinemic Band NFC and enjoy these great advantages:

  • Easy log in, even when changing work stations
  • Keep your hands free at all times
  • Speed up the log in process for multiple devices

Furthermore, you can link other information to the NFC tag! For example, if certain access rights should only be granted to specific employees or roles, you can now implement this via Bluetooth or NFC – in conjunction with appropriately configured Kinemic Bands.

Sounds interesting? Just contact us for inquiries or further information!


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