The Kinemic AirMouse turns your hand into a computer mouse


The AirMouse is a feature of our Kinemic Band. The sensors in the band accurately detect the movement of your hand and accurately reproduce it on the screen. Our Kinemic AirMouse completely replaces the traditional computer mouse, allowing you to work faster and more effectively. Move your hand and watch the cursor accurately follow your movements. 

AirMouse (EN)

Use Cases

You can use the Kinemic AirMouse in a presentation, a meeting or for daily work. Numerous possibilities such as the presentation of documents, the visualisation of 3D models and innovative data entry are now easier than ever.

There are three different modes: palm up, palm left and palm down. The modes are assigned different functions and allow a variety of ways to control the computer. 

AirMouse (EN)

Navigate in documents, move 3D models

AirMouse (EN)

You can pause and realign your hand 

AirMouse (EN)

You can zoom by vertically moving your arm 

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