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Gesture control with Kinemic Band

Quality control
Quality assurance

Simply tick it off

Easil improve the work processes in your QC/QA department by introducing Kinemic Band. Control terminals from a distance with intuitive and comfortable gestures and say good-bye to keyboard, touchscreen and paper.

Simply make a check mark in the air if everything’s A-OK. And if it’s not, initiate the proper steps: Enter error codes, mark for rework, etc. – with just a gesture, these actions are entered into your system!

Save ways

Use Kinemic’s gesture control instead of going back and forth to a terminal. Save your time and energy and put it to better use!

Improve quality

Show the next item to be inspected on a big screen or tablet so that everyone where and what needs to be checked. This way, you can avoid that long checklists will be entered only after the inspection (and problems forgotten in the meantime).

Safety and ergonomics

You have both hands free and can give feedback to the system in all positions. This enables quicker feedback and prevents common symptoms like RSI. Of course you can still use dual-hand-switches where necessary.

Want to learn more? Questions?

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