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    Food technology

Clean, quick and handsfree

Kinemic Band makes it easy to adhere to high hygiene standards: Handsfree data entry while wearing gloves and without the need to touch any surface makes contamination less likely. Kinemic Band can be worn under commonly used gloves and is available in different colors (e.g. blue).

By using Kinemic Band, you’re not only saving time – glove changes, desinfections, walking and hand travel – but also make your processes more user friendly and ergonomical and save material.

You can digitalize existing processes with little effort! Just contact us and we’ll support you with a process analysis and integration into existing systems.

Kinemic Band for food technology

Save time and money

By using handsfree interaction you’ll gain valuable time and decrease the amount of necessary materials.

Kinemic Band for food technology

Done, quicker

Less hand travel, fewer interruptions – fully concentrate on the task at hand!

Kinemic Band for food technology

Easy to retrofit

Kinemic’s gesture control can be retrofitted simply and cost-effectively in many cases!

Kinemic in the field

Kinemic Band for food technology

From Hackathon to product integration

Zeppelin Systems had enlisted the support of VDMA (the German mechanical engineering industry association) to organize a hackathon and try new types of co-operation with startups. This culminated in a weekend-hackathon, which Kinemic joined. There, a co-operation between the two companies was formed which resulted in a new product feature which was first shown at the Interback fair in 2018:

The Kinemic Band supplements Zepplin’s hand weighing stations and is completely integrated into Zeppelin’s modern Prisma-Web-System. Together, this combination enables seamless, touchless operation and direct gesture-based control of the most-used functions. Prior to the demonstration at the fair, the system has already proven to be effective with pilot installations. 

By creating a complete, customer-focussed solution, Zeppelin Systems adheres to its motto “We create solutions” – Kinemic is happy to bring a vital component to this product.

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