• Gesture control with Kinemic Band


A path to better maintenance processes

Even seconds count for critical fault clearances – That’s where it’s beneficial to easily control digital systems and not have to meddle with touchscreens. With Kinemic’s gesture control, you’ll bring your maintenance and service departments to the next level.

Especially beneficial is the combination with smart glasses or AR glasses, as necessary information can always be in the field of view. Your tasks can now not only be digital and mobile, but also handsfree and touchless.

Maintenance with Kinemic Band

Oil, dirt or snow…

… don’t need to worry you anymore. With Kinemic Band, you can keep your gloves on and control your application handsfree.

Maintenance with Kinemic Band


Your work flows more smoothly, if you can avoid fumbling around with a smart phone. Instead, use simple and comfortable gestures to input or control data. Just a swipe – and the documentation is done as well!

Maintenance with Kinemic Band

Passing the baton

Start a job on the smartphone, continue it seamlessly on smart glass and finish on a tablet? And control all devices with gestures? No problem! We can equip your app so that it can do this!

Kinemic in the field

Maintenance with Kinemic Band

Gesture-assisted maintenance with Deutsche Bahn

Together with DB Netze Kinemic equipped an existing application with Kinemic gesture control and ported the application to smart glasses.

Novel feature of the system: Workers can start the application just like they’re used to on the smartphone andsimply switch to smartglasses when the task requires it. Data and state of the application remain in sync on all devices. All devices can be operated with gestures.

DB employees are happy: they have both hands free for their work, can perform routine confirmations much quicker and they can keep their gloves on when the weather doesn’t play nice.

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