Kinemic Remote

With the Kinemic Remote software you can use your Kinemic Band to control your windows PC. Touch-free and remotely.

Three simple steps to get going

Step 1


Download the software from the link we provide and install it.

Step 2

Assign actions

Assign actions to the available gestures or use AirMouse, all in an easy-to-use menu.

Step 3

Connect band

Connect a Kinemic Band via bluetooth or a dongle.

Upgrade existing processes with gesture control

With the Kinemic Remote you can use the Kinemic Band - gestures and movements - to control your Windows computer. Your applications can now be used freehand.

With our easy to use Kinemic Remote, you can also upgrade your favorite software to gesture control. From the specialized application on an industrial terminal to the media player in the living room or your presentation software - there are no limits. Get rid of mouse and keyboard!

There are a total of 12 gestures and the AirMouse available with the Kinemic Band. The Kinemic Remote allows to assign different actions to the available gestures. It can be individually defined which key, key sequence or action sequence should be assigned to which specific gesture. Through the Kinemic Remote, Kinemic provides different types of actions. 

Types of actions


With the help of the AirMouse, movements of your arm are translated into movements of the mouse pointer.


A defined key or key combination is triggered. 


The configured mouse button is pressed once or several times.


The mouse pointer is moved to a specific position on the screen.


The band vibrates for a specified duration.


The LED of the Kinemic Band assumes a defined color.


A defined message will be displayed on the screen.

  • Ideas
    Control and present your speeches on a whole new level

    Among other things, the Kinemic Remote can be used to present presentations in a completely new way. No annoying clicking and running back and forth anymore. Use simple gestures to control your presentation and focus one hundred percent on your actual content. 

  • Ideas
    Increase the efficiency of your quality control

    With intuitive and simple gestures, you can control terminals from a distance and conveniently run checklists. Configure the gestures optimally to your individual process and work faster, more comfortable and more efficient than ever before.

  • Ideas
    Control your media player with simple gestures

    Start your favorite series in no time. Reverse or fast forward the series, increase or reduce the volume - control everything with simple movements. 


  • Ideas
    Control professional software faster than ever before

    Assign important commands a gesture and you always have it at hand - use your muscle memory to make work easier and faster. 

Convinced? Get started!

In our shop the Kinemic Remote is currently exclusively as part of the Shop Floor Package available. 

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