How does Kinemic work?

In our developer area you can learn more about Kinemics gesture control. You can easily find technical details, code examples and other informations about our gesture control. 

With our SDK you have access to all functions of the Kinemic Band. Whether gesture control or AirMouse, with just a few adjustments you can take advantage of these operating concepts.

Our Gesture Service runs as an independent service in the background and provides the functions of the SDK via a network interface. Via this service we also offer our Kinemic Remote. The Kinemic Remote is part of our Shop Floor Package and translates gestures into keyboard and mouse inputs and allows the operation of applications without integrating the SDK.

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Learn more about our Gesture SDK. Find out how you can easily integrate gesture controls into your individual apps and applications!

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Gesture Service

The Gesture Service recognizes gestures as a system service in the background and provides them via a network interface to other applications like our Kinemic Remote.

Learn and train our gestures

The Trainer App for Android allows you to try out and train all Kinemic gestures on your Android smartphone or tablet!

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Help and Support

You have questions, comments or want to know more? Feel free to contact us at any time. 

You can easily contact us via email or our support form. We are looking forward to hear from you!


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