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  • Gesture control with Kinemic Band


Seamless inspection processes

Are you still using paper-bound inspection processes? Modern digital systems are increasingly becoming standard, however often with reduced usability. Tablets need to be grappled, smartphones need to be unlocked or there are continuous and unavoidable wys to a terminal and long times for data entry.

Thes problems are a thing of the past with Kinmic’s gesture control. The comfortable controls are integrated into the process. Just make a check mark in the air and an item is ticked off.

Optimally, you’ll combine our wristband with smart glasses like RealWear’s HMT-1 or the Vuzix m300. These industry-ready devices always show relevant information and applications running on them can be controlled using Kinemic Band.

Together with our customers we’ve realized different systems and adaptations – contact us if you too want to say goodbye to inefficient inspection processes!

Keep tools in your hands

Just hold the necessary tool in your hand instead of putting it away for every small data entry.

Done and done

Less hand travel, fewer interruptions – fully concentrate on the task at hand!

Individual solutions

We gladly support you in meeting your individual requirements – from adapting to existing systems to application and process design and UX.

Kinemic in the field

Gesture-supported train inspection with DB Regio

Together with DB Regio, Kinemic and SAP have equipped an existing mobile application with Kinemic’s gesture control.

Feedback can now be entered with simple gestures, saving process time and documentation efforts.

Want to learn more? Questions?

Please get in contact with us! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


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