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Gestensteuerung mit dem Kinemic Band

Shop Floor Package

Improve your individual process

Bring gesture control and handsfree input to your shop floor. Make your processes more comfortable and efficient by reducing travel distances and avoiding interruptions!

Utilize Kinemic Remote and easily improve the interaction with existing applications. No coding necessary – configured in minutes!

The package includes everything to get started right away – even better: We’ll come over, discuss your process and set everything up so it works optimally!


Gesture icon

12 Gestures and AirMouse

Use those gestures which are optimal for application. Learn more about the available gestures.

Windows icon

Supports Windows 10®

The Shop floor package contains everything to get started immediately when using Windows 10.

Kinemic Band icon

Supports Multi-Band

Kinemic Multi-Band technology allows several employees to selectively control the same system. The active band is selected by pressing the button on the band.

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No additional coding

With Kinemic Remote software you can use gestures and movements to generate mouse and keyboard events – Kinemic Band becomes a handsfree keyboard. This allows you to continue using existing software – albeit with a new type of interaction.

What’s included?

Kinemic Shop floor package contains everything to get you started right away:

3 Kinemic Bands & BLE Dongle

With 3 Kinemic Bands you’re optimally equipped for a pilot implementation. When you need additional bands, you can simply order them in our shop.

Also included is an external, range-optimized USB-Bluetooth-dongle, so that the bands have the best possible reception.

Full day Workshop

One of our experts takes care of all your considerations, problems and limitations. The following elements arre part of every workshop, with additional elements included if necessary:

✓  Selection of the perfect gesture set
✓  Installation and configuration
✓  Training

The workshop is currently limited to locations in EU27+CH. For other customers we offer video calls to transmit the main contents of the workshop.

Kinemic Remote Software

With Kinemic Remote software, it is easy to map gestures and movements to keyboard presses and mouse movements. You can define which gesture will result in which keyboard press(es) or even chain a sequence of actions to one gesture – and all this even based on specific states. This allows you to control mighty functions with just a simple swipe!

Telephone Support

For the duration of your pilot phase we’ll be on call in case anything doesn’t go as planned. After this phase we offer customized support according to your individual needs.

Kinemic Band Produktbild

A workshop, custom-tailored to your individual requirements

In the last years we’ve seen and experienced diverse processes and learned, where Kinemic Band -with its handsfree input capabilities- can offer the greatest benefit. We’ve condensed this know-how into the workshop to give you the maximum value from our product.

Convinced? Get started!

You can simply buy the Shop floor package in our shop. Upon order we will quickly contact you for the workshop.

Need a separate offer? Please contact

We offer development and consulting for the integration of Kinemic Band into your own software or if you wish to create your own interface or application. Please contact us under


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