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Gesture control and text entry for digital devices

Meet us!

Picture of the visit from German chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, Swiss president Johann Schneider-Ammann and German minister for research and education Prof. Johanna Wanka during Cebit 2016. Dr. Christoph Amma presents Kinemic's software using an augmented reality glass.

Visitor address:
Am Adenauerring 4
Building 50.21, 1st floor
76133 Karlsruhe

We finally make augmented reality usable

Our award-winning technology enables completely new applications for AR, VR and Wearables. Intuitive and hands-free.

...and action!

The video shows our software in operation. In the top right part you can see the output from an AR glass. The software is controlled entirely via gestures and AirWriting. A wearable or smartwatch is required.
Link to high quality version.


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Core team

Bild des Kinemic-Kernteams

Christoph Amma

Dr. Christoph Amma is the inventor of the AirWriting system and is continously developing its capabilities.

Marcus Georgi

Marcus Georgi is responsible for the Android implementation and is our specialist for gesture control.

Tomt Lenz

Tomt Lenz handles the business side of things and ensures that every customer is satisfied.