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Do you have any questions about our solutions? Would you like to have more information about Kinemic? In this area you will find answers to frequently asked questions as well as specific questions. Learn more about our system and get tips and tricks on using our solutions.


    Which gestures can I use?

    Kinemic's Gesture SDK contains a set of twelve gestures which can be used freely in your applications. On our website we provide a detailed description of the available gestures and movements.

    Learn more about our gestures

    Can I create my own gestures?

    Within our SDK it is not possible to create your own gestures independently. If you are interested in one or more individual gestures feel free to contact us by mail.

    For which use cases is the Kinemic Band suitable?

    The Kinemic Band enables optimized processes in a wide variety of sectors and industries. There are a lot of possible use cases. On our website we provide an overview and detailed descriptions for some of the different use cases.

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    What is the price for the Kinemic Band?

    In our shop the Kinemic Band is available in 4 package variants. A single Kinemic Band is available in our Kinemic Band Basic Package for 499.00 €. In addition we offer 3 packages, which include several Kinemic bands and additional services. Just visit our shop to find out more about each offer.

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    Please contact if you require larger amounts or want to resell the device.

    How will the system know whether I intend to perform a gesture?

    Our algorithms are specifically crafted to understand your motion and will ignore your every-day movements.

    Of course, if a user performs a motion that is very similar or even equal to a gesture, we cannot know if this was a gesture or a random movement.

    However we have years of experience in building gesture controls for real-world applications and will help you design a system to cope with that. Additionally, there is a mechanical switch on the sensor to turn gesture recognition on and off.

    Can I walk and use gestures?

    With a normal or moderate walking pace, there are usually no problems.

    Generally speaking, gestures work best when started from a resting position. This means, the less enthusiastic your other movements are – especially those of your arm or wrist – the easier it will be to successfully detect gestures.

    What is the range of the sensors?

    The sensors are Bluetooth LE class 2 devices, which gives them a range of up to 10m. The effective range when using them depends on:

    • whether there is a line of sight between sensor and receiver
    • whether metal or liquids block the radio waves
    • how many other Bluetooth and WiFi devices are nearby
    • the type of antenna you're using

    In most environments and scenarios a range of 2-5m can be expected.

    What happens when I move out of the receiver’s reach?

    The connection will automatically be re-established once you get into reach again.

    Which customers already integrated the Kinemic gesture control?

    Kinemic works with customers from a wide range of industries. Well-known customers are for example Deutsche Bahn, Stabilo and Zeppelin.

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    What are the benefits of integrating gesture control?

    Gesture control offers a lot of advantages. By using gesture control you can avoid additional ways to serve terminals. Due to fewer interruptions during the workflow tasks can be performed faster, more comfortable and more efficiently. Our Kinemic Band is completely independent of noises or light, which is why the gesture control can be used everywhere.

    What are the difficulties in using voice control in an industrial environment?

    Issues such as privacy, volume in production environments, false input from other users and native language often make the industrial use of voice controls difficult.

  • SDK

    For which platforms is the SDK available?

    The SDK is available for Android, Windows, Linux and Windows UWP.

    Available platforms

    Is it possible to integrate the SDK into other platforms?

    The SDK is available for Android, Windows Desktop, Linux, and Windows UWP. If you would like to integrate the SDK into another platform, just contact us via mail.

    How do I get access to the SDK?

    The release versions of our SDK are publicly available. To integrate the SDK please follow the instructions for each platform and language. Customers who participate in our early access program get access to the development versions of the SDK via our artifactory.

    Available platforms

    How can I manage my access credentials ?

    Once logged in into Kinemic's Artifacory you can open your profile by clicking on your username in the upper right corner:

    Enter your current password to unlock the settings, so that you are able to change your password.

    Additionally, you can create and refresh your API Key on your profile site. It can be used as an alternative to using your username and password for accessing the Artifactory (additional information in the JFrog API Key Docsu>):


    I can't find any available sensors

    The following requirements must be met in order for an Android App to find our sensors:

    1. Bluetooth is activated in the settings
    2. The application has been assigned the "Location" permission
    3. Location services are activated in the settings (the search method is irrelevant)
    4. Make sure your sensor is charged

Learn and train our gestures

The Trainer App for Android allows you to try out and train all Kinemic gestures on your Android smartphone or tablet!

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