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Our software allows intuitve and seamless control of Augmented-Reality-Glasses, Head-Mounted Displays and Virtual Reality Glasses. Through the use of Wearables both hands are free and can be used for other tasks, e.g. to operate tools.

Keyboard replacement

When your process needs only few commands it's fairly simple to just upgrade the interaction method using our software. Often a drop-in-replacement of existing terminals is possible.

Quality control

Quality control processes can quickly be improved substantiallywith our software. We allow elimination of unnecessary ways and movements or even the elimination of paper-based workflows.

Mobile use / Outdoor

Works in the toughest conditions: By combining long battery run times and an independence from environmental factors our solution can be used everywhere. It is ideally suited for all use cases where the user is outside.

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Maintenance / Service

Instructions or How-To-Videos always available, an expert always on call: With our solutions we're offering major gains for all maintenance tasks.

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Clean room

By using Wearables below gloves our solution side-steps many of the problems plaguing deployment of digital devices in clean rooms.

Hand assembly and individual workplaces

Whether you want to navigate through instructions, handle sensitive materials or need to wear gloves - we can handle it! Using our software you can make your processes more comfortable, more efficient and more secure.

Smartwatches & Wearables

Using our software Smartwatches, Wearables and Fitnesstracker gain much-needed functionality and become much more useful. Many functions can be operated with just a simple gesture, thus alleviating the user of the need to navigate small displays. Contact us for further details.


Our software can realize its potential in assisted picking environments or in conjunction with AR- / HMD- or Smartwatch-based processes.

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